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Real estate is among the most profitable investments currently available on the market. But traditional real estate investing requires experience, specialized knowledge, connections between the construction and lending industry, time to manage your portfolio, and many times, a large start-up capital. HRI is a D&C LLC Holding Company dedicated to real estate crowdlending. Individual investors and companies can take advantage of the knowledge, skills and technical resources of our team to make investments safely. The great advantage is that your investment will be completely passive, we do the work for you! HRI specializes in small and medium short-term projects as well as large long-term projects, in both schemes we limit the risk to the maximum. We focus on construction and remodeling projects, adding value and looking for areas where we can quickly increase property value. In this way we achieve that the profitability of our investments does not vary according to the condition of the real estate market.

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Why invest in Florida?

Demand for Florida real estate remains high year after year, resulting in an exceptionally dynamic economy. A great alternative for first class cultural and sports entertainment, the attraction of the sun throughout the year and the desire to live in one of the States with the best beaches in the USA. In addition, Florida is chosen by families from many parts of the world to live as well as by the American citizen due to low taxes and the diversity of business opportunities. High demand and low supply have led Florida to become a domestic market leader in both rental cost growth and property value appreciation.

Investment types



Search and purchase of land, development, construction and sale of residential and/or commercial property, with financing plans for the time of construction. Estimated annual return of 20%


Fix and Flip

Acquisition of houses for remodeling, managing to return them to the market with an additional value. Financing plans for said activity. Estimated profitability of 8 to 10%


Fixed rent

Purchase of homes with 30-year loans for fixed income, in strategic areas due to population growth, good schools, shopping centers and job offers. Annual return of 4 to 8% (capitalization + return)*


Airbnb rent

Acquisition of homes with 30-year loans for temporary rental in a vacation area, managed by professionals dedicated 100% to the Airbnb business. Annual return of 14 to 17% (capitalization + return)*

*returns vary based on the area of the property in both fixed and variable income.

What HRI does for investors?

  • Market study
  • Search for the best areas
  • Analyze possible offers
  • Buy the property
  • Secure best market rates for the loan
  • Architectural design planning
  • Obtaining the appropriate city permits to build and/or remodel
  • Construction team management
  • Administration of the construction process (Project management)
  • Handling the management of fixed or variable rental properties
  • Project status updates for investors
  • Marketing and sale of properties (Realtor)
  • Management of all finances and accounting
  • Return of capital and profitability to investors
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Why invest in real estate?

Diversifying your portfolio with real estate investments is the best way to balance risk and return. Historically, real estate generates the highest-than-average returns, and since it is backed by a physical asset, it is less likely to be affected by market uncertainties than stock and bond prices. Unlike other asset classes, real estate can also protect you against the possibility of inflation.

Investment model of a traditional Portfolio vs. HRI Portfolio

Average annual return 9%

Average annual return 14% (gain of 5 points only by diversifying 40% of your traditional portfolio)

What is real estate crowdlending?

The capital is pooled from various investors, which allows people to access high-value real estate projects with a minimum amount of investment, but always guaranteeing the same percentage of return based on the amount invested. This gives investors the possibility of deals that would normally only be available to large investors. In this investment model, people seek to obtain short-term profitability and seek to increase their initial capital.

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